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Wedding Photographers

Choosing a wedding photographer.

Every wedding is a unique experience, with its own share of funny, emotional, romantic and special family moments. Looking for a photographer to capture those moments is an important task, the results of which will live with you for a long time after the last of the wedding cake has been eaten.

The role of Photographic organisations in choosing your photographer.

There are two main photographic organisations in New Zealand, the Photographic Society NZ (PSNZ) and the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP). While the NZIPP concentrates on the professional photographer and the PSNZ is more inclusive, both organisations have a ranking system which can be used to determine the level of the photographer in a very broad sense. The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is a more international organisation and ranks photographers around the world against each other, which is really cool.

The one thing all these organisations don’t take into account is individual weddings and how the photographer works with each bride and groom. A photographer may get an award for a great photo from a wedding, but does that mean every photo from that ceremony or reception was good, not necessarily. You as a customer need to meet each photographer and look through a wedding album from start to finish, to determine whether they fit with your ideal photographer.

On the beach at sunset by NZ wedding photographers.

wedding photography on the beach at sunset.

New Zealand photographers.

There are some great wedding photographers in New Zealand and most will travel anywhere in the country, however not necessarily for free. If you want a photographer from Auckland to cover your Wellington wedding, then budget extra for travel and accommodation for your photographer.

wedding photographers of Wellington.

wedding kiss in the park.

Wellington Photographers.

There are a number of ways to meet Wellington photographers to discuss your day and how you want it covered. Huge amounts of online directories, resources and photographers websites can keep you busy for weeks comparing what’s on offer. There are also wedding show and expos around Wellington, I can think of at least five. Three of which are hosted in the middle of Wellington city on the waterfront. My advice is to go to a least one wedding show before booking all the services for your big day.

Styles of wedding photography.

fine art.

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