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Portrait Photographers

No matter the type of portraits you are looking for, there are some great photographers in Wellington. There are a large number of award winnings photographers in and around the capital and you can make your choice based on professional qualifications, photographic society membership or style of pictures from portrait galleries.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the style of photography and what type of location you want for your pictures. Many wellington photographers prefer the studio for creating controlled and professional images, however there are a greater number that don’t have a studio and use natural light and interesting locations for your portraits.

The presentation and cost of your portraits may also be something to work out up front before you make a final decision on your photographer. So don’t forget to ask about Canvas, multi-print, block mount, framing and digital images before making your final choice of photographer.

Family portraits of mum and son.

Family portraits of mum and son.

Styles of portrait

1. The traditional portrait.

Classical portraiture is characterised by pictures of people with the main focus being on the face, the image is usually from a three quarters view or closer of that person.

2. Environmental or lifestyle photos.

Environmental portraits are those that describe the person by means of the things around them, so that a portrait of a carpenter would be set inside his workshop, telling more about that person.

4. Candid Portrait.

Candid photography is the capture of events as they happen, the subject often not being aware of the photographer at all. Many travel or documentary portraits fall into this category.

5. Glamour photography.

Glamour photography is simply a way to enhance the beauty of the subject or create a romantic emotion from the image created.

6. Artistic portraits – Surreal and Conceptual.

Surreal portraits are more about interpretation and often have a deeper meaning or try to convey more than a pure representation of that person. A step further towards an abstract image can also be taken with artistic portrait images.

Portrait of baby laughing with mum.

Portrait of baby laughing with mum.

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