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Khandallah Park

Khandallah Park, Wellington

A popular park with residents of the surrounding suburbs and both the local kindergartens and primary school children of the area.

One place to experience New Zealand bush walks without having to travel to far out of the central city. An abundance of playground activities within the park provide fun for all ages alongside the beautifully crafted picnic benches arranged right within the playground. The ideal place to secure some happy fun filled photographs filled with vibrant colour and movement against a backdrop of New Zealand bush…

Upon entry from the main Woodmancote Road entrance, an outdoor pool with mostly summertime use occupies the foreground. With locals keen to enjoy the bathing facilities and sun roof this will allow for some interesting documentary scenes of swimmers and outdoor interactions.

The main set of swings, the jungle gym and other features of a usual modern day playground can be found by walking into the park itself. The stream is usually at very low tide and can therefore be interesting to take photographs of and the life it holds there.

The park is surrounded by bush and many walkways. One in particular which is worth checking out is Mt Kau Kau. This hike can take you to a number of other suburbs dependent on which trail/walkway you choose but will provide you with many options in regards to what you see and find along your travels amongst the hills and bush of Khandallah Park. A must for any keen nature photographer.

By Rebecca Robinson ( 29th July 2011 )

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