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Civic Square Wellington

Civic Square Wellington

As Wellington is known for its cultural, creative vibe the small but exciting city has treasures to be found at every corner. Civic Square being one of them.

Civic Square provides the external framework for the buildings which many if not all Wellingtonians have been in or at least past through at some stage.

Architectural monuments stand as modern day functional buildings, for example where the City Gallery now stands was once the site which belonged to the Wellington Public Library until 1991. The large sculptural pieces surrounding the site including Neil Dawsons cylindrical sphere which is suspended in the air and the split pyramid allow multiple angles of photographs to be taken from. Wooden carvings make up the city to sea bridge at the highest point of the staircase from where a great view of the entire square can be seen. An array of benches and interesting abstract shapes made through the architecture create dynamic scenes at night with the city lights and colorful reflections found floating in the water below.

The Michael Fowler centre and the St James act as perfect backdrops to the central part of Civic Square. These beautifully crafted and designed buildings provide more subject matter even in the small details surrounding the buildings.

People can be found chatting on the grassy verge looking out towards the east upon the lagoon and on towards Te Papa. On a perfect day, the views are exceptional from the top of the bridge, ones to be gazed upon and really enjoyed, a common spot for travelers to take in the surrounding sites.

With the central area of Civic Square being well used for city workers to leisurely enjoy their lunch during fine days, the environment lights up with a hub of activity enabling an array of photographic opportunity’s for people to be observed within the frame.

With so much shape, color and movement seen you could almost call it a photographers paradise found within the city.

By Rebecca Robinson ( 22nd July 2011 )

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