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Boudoir Photographers

Boudoir photographers.

Wellington New Zealand photographers and which one to choose.

Vintage and themed boudoir.

Vintage Boudoir Photography is all about classy romantic images, glamour with a hint of a bygone age. The great Gatsby meets the digital age of photography. The vintage trend is growing in popularity and finding the right photographer not as hard as it once was. You can now choose themed sets ranging from decadent, continental boudoir, Versailles, Victorian, Regency to a pinch of Hollywood glamour.

Sexy boudoir photographers

Sexy boudoir photographers.


Boudoir and Glamour ideas.

Brides requiring a boudoir wedding gift for their groom
Gifts for valentines, birthday, christmas, anniversary or a treat for that special someone
Glamour beautiful intimate photography
Confidence boosts and boudoir makeovers
Artistic nude fine art photography

The Lady’s private bedroom.

Boudoir photography has it’s roots in the private lady’s rooms of history, however modern boudoir photography is all about a glamour sexy theme. Boudoir images are most often taken in a studio environment, but can also be taken in other locations, such as the home or boutique hotel settings.

Boudoir photography demands skill and sensitivity, and I think Wellington has a great range of boudoir photographers able to make every woman feel sexier and really fabulous about themselves.

Boudoir photography on four poster bed

Boudoir photography on four poster bed.

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